Minute Track Dial, 28.5mm - Silver w. Black Indices (for Skeleton NH movement)

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Per manufacturer's website: 

So you've got the perfect case, the perfect hands, the perfect skeleton movement.

Or maybe you just want a simple watch that showcases the inner workings.

However after you built the watch, you realised that the plastic spacer ring (Grey / Black for NH series movements) is now visible and unsightly!

These flat 28.5mm minute track dials answer that question!

These Minute Track Dials come with dial feet for the 3:00 crown position and will fit the standard NH-series movement spacers without any modification necessary.

Simply align with dial dots or similar products.

Suitable movements include NH35, NH36, NH38, NH70, NH71, NH72, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, 6R35.