SKX013 CrystalTimes CT103 Top Hat Sapphire Crystal - Clear AR

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Per manufacturer's website:

  • Material – Sapphire crystal
  • Type/Design – Flat Vintage “Top Hat” look
  • AR* coating options – No AR, Blue AR, Clear AR – AR coating is underside only
  • Note – Available with a crystal gasket as an option
  • Ref dimensions – Dia 28mm Total Thickness 4.6mm
  • Suitable for – 200M Midsize Diver SKX013 SKX015
  • Additional info – Vintage style “Top Hat” flat sapphire, for the buyers who require more of a vintage look to their mod. A simple direct replacement for the oem flat crystal no modification required to fit this superb sapphire.
  • Fitting Tips for CT103
  • Bezel Insert Important Note: The inside diameter needs to be at 27.95mm or greater. CT produces multiple insert options that will be a perfect fit for the crystal.