Watch parts for watch modders

New parts added daily

Watch parts for watch modders

New parts added daily


Secondhand Mods buys, sells, and ships watch parts and tools that have been procured from watch builders like yourself. Our parts and tools are considered used but are in like-new condition unless stated otherwise. With few exceptions, we do not carry multiples of any part so when a part is sold, it is gone until we have the opportunity to buy it again.

We ship globally from Oakland, CA

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We purchase parts and tools from all around the world and in all kinds of conditions, even damaged ones. Every part we receive goes through a rigorous inspection and is individually photographed to provide our customers an accurate depiction of the part they are buying.

"Modding unearthed a form of artistic expression I never knew I had and deepened my appreciation and understanding of watches."

David, CEO

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Can't find what you're looking for? Try visiting our sister site at r/secondhandmodparts where you can post a search request to our community of modders! Our subreddit is a great destination for other affordable parts and modding resources, as well! Please join our Reddit family today!