Q. What does "like-new" parts mean? 

A. The majority of our parts are harvested from BNIB (Brand New In Box) Seiko watches (unless stated otherwise). That means we cannot legally call them "new" parts since they don't come to us directly from a supplier (hence the name "Secondhand Mods". Although rare, because they require more handling, they are more susceptible to blemishes and defects. Typically, these defects can only be seen under magnification and if that's something that will bother you, Secondhand Mods may not be for you. However, if your part arrives with obvious cosmetic issues, we will offer you a full refund for your part. Please read our return policies before placing any order.

Q. Do you sell "used" parts?

A. Yes! Mixed in with our inventory are also used watch parts, as well. These parts typically come come from other modders selling through our partner program and will always be marked as used either in the title or in the part description. 

Q. Do you buy parts from other watch modders?

A. Yes! We are always looking to partner with fellow modders to help stock our inventory. Currently, we purchase our parts outright but on occasion will offer a consignment deals where you retain ownership of your parts but can still sell them on our site for a small fee. Contact us at info@secondhandmods.com to learn more. 

Q. I've noticed that your pricing changes week-to-week. Why is that?

A. Although we try to keep our pricing as consistent as possible, because we procure our parts from a number of different sources and countries, pricing may fluctuate in either direction from time to time. 

Q. Where do you source your parts from?

A. We keep the exact sources of our parts and the methods we use to procure them private. We can tell you that they come from a variety of sources, from large suppliers to individual sellers all over the globe.  

Q. I noticed a part that was incorrectly labeled or described. What's up with that?

A. Although we go to great lengths to our best to correctly identify and verify our parts' authenticity and supplier information, we do occasionally make mistakes! We are human, after all, and our intent is never to deceive or cheat our customers in any way. If you think we made a mistake, email us at info@secondhandmods.com and we'll happily take a look at the discrepancy. 

Q. My question wasn't mentioned here. Who can I contact for an answer?

A. You can contact us directly at info@secondhandmods.com.