1. Your watch is a Seiko-based watch or watch mod. Meaning one or more parts are compatible with an OEM Seiko watch. Ideally, compatible with one of these models: SKX, SNK, SNX, SNZF, SNZG, SRPD, SRPE, SRP (Turtle), SRPB (Samurai), or any Prospect variant. 
  2. Your watch must be in working order. 
  3. Any damage or imperfections must be identified and photographed. 
  4. All watches should be priced UNDER $500. We will accept watches over $500 but you must meet the following criteria
    1. The sum of your parts must make up at least 70% of the value of your watch. You’ll need to provide receipts for your parts as confirmation
    2. You have sold at least 10 modded watches before. Receipts of your sales will be required. 
  5. Must accept returns within 3 days after the buyer has received their watch. 
  6. Must have access to a printer (to print out shipping labels we will send you). 
  7. Must have PayPal or Venmo for payouts.


  1. Fill out and email us your watch’s specs (see below). Please try to identify and catalog as many parts as you can as well as any damage they may have. Email them to 
        • Case
        • Dial
        • Hands
        • Bezel
        • Bezel Insert:
        • Bracelet:
        • Caseback:
        • Crystal
        • Chapter Ring
        • Movement
        • Scratches
        • Your Location
        • Other Notes: 

2. Along with your watch’s specs, please send at least FIVE good photographs of your watch. Shoot them in natural light, against a neutral background, with no filters for best results. More is better. 

Shot 1: Top angle 
Shot 2: Crown side
Shot 3: Non-crown side
Shot 4: Caseback side
Shot 5: Bracelet/Strap/Band 
Shot 6 (or more): Any damage, scratches, imperfections
3. Once we receive your specs and photos, we will evaluate and make suggested changes if we think they’re necessary. We will have you review them for final approval before anything goes live on the site.
4. Upon your approval, we will post your watch onto the site. Once your watch goes live, we ask you not to post your watch for sale anywhere else in the meantime to avoid an accidental “double sale”, when two separate people purchase the watch simultaneously on two separate sites (trust us, it happens!). You can request your watch be pulled from the site at any time as long as it hasn’t already been sold. 
5. If you insist on selling your watch on other forums, we require an immediate notification if it sells elsewhere. If your watch sells on the site when it’s already been sold elsewhere, will result in a permanent ban from selling on Secondhand Mods. No second chances. 
6. If/when your watch sells, you will receive an immediate notification from us. we will also send you a shipping label that you can print out. 


We charge a 6.5% commission fee on all watch sales. This is a non-negotiable rate. 


  1. The buyer of your watch pays for shipping 
  2. Once your watch sells, we will create and email you a shipping label to print out. 
  3. After your watch sells, you must ship the watch within 72 hours of purchase. Failure to do so will result in an immediate refund to the buyer, the watch will be pulled from the site, and you (seller) will be permanently banned from selling on the site again. 


It is recommended that you insure your package and require a signature upon delivery. Before we send you the shipping label, we will confirm whether you want insurance and/or a signature. This cost will be covered by you and deducted from your payout. 


If your package becomes lost in transit, Secondhand Mods will not be held responsible in any way nor will they reimburse you in any capacity



Customers can return your watch within 72 hours of receiving the watch.  


Full refunds will be issued to customers who’ve purchased your watch under the following conditions:

  1. Lost package - if a package is determined lost by the carrier, then the customer will receive a full refund.
  2. Damaged parts - if a watch arrives to the customer with damage not mentioned in the original description of the watch or is in inoperable condition. 
  3. If the customer decides to return your watch within 72 hours of taking delivery of your watch. 


After your watch sells, we will hold on to your funds until we receive confirmation from the tracking info that your watch has been delivered. Upon confirmation, we will pay you out your portion of the funds 72 hours after the watch has been delivered. 


If you have any questions, email us at